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Bio Energy for our planet

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Who We Are

At Niblue, we develop bioenergy projects of the future. The earth and its biodiversity are our main stakeholders as we develop, partner, and advise on specialist execution. We are a boutique company focused on bio-gas production, Advanced Organic Fertilizers, and agricultural infrastructure.

With our decades long expertise with EPC projects, we provide an executive touch and impeccable attention to detail.

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What We Do

BioEnergy Production

  • Converting organic slurry into high yield bio-energy
  • Facilitating production of clean energy with negative carbon footprint

Advanced organic fertilizers

  • High quality organic fertilisers that rejuvenates nutrient deficient soil
  • Made by combining ancient wisdom and modern science
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agricultural infrastructure

  • Enabling greater quality of life for all animals and biodiversity involved in the process
  • Providing access to new income sources for agricultural workers
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Universal Partnerships